Ally Fogg: ‘Male victims, screening and victim-blaming’

Our thanks to P for alerting us to this insightful piece:

Update 08:45 January 28. Just posted the following comment, #156 in the comment stream:

“Ally, thanks for this piece, to which we’ve just put up a link. I regret I don’t have the time necessary to go through all the comments stream at this point, but at Mankind Initiative’s latest National Conference for Male Victims of Domestic Violence, one of the key speakers was Dr Nicola Graham-Kevan of the Uni of Central Lancashire. She’s an internationally recognised expert on the subject of domestic abuse/violence (DA). She pointed to an accumulated 270+ studies from around the world which have concluded that women are at least as aggressive as men towards their intimate partners. She also presented evidence showing:

– only 4% of female perpetrators of DA report self-defence as a prime motivation in assaulting partners; and

– the majority of perpetrators of non-reciprocal DA are women

It’s also known (British Crime Surveys) that the cohort of people most likely (per capita) to report being the victims of DA are lesbians. I don’t know how feminists explain how the patriarchy causes that tricky reality, but doubtless they’ll have come up with some whackadoodle extension of ‘feminist theory’. They always do. Oh, hang on, it’s just come to me.  It’s the same explanation Caroline Criado-Perez used to explain why one of the people charged with threatening her on Twitter was a woman. We live in a deeply misogynistic society, and some women internalise misogyny, so that’s why lesbians abuse one another. Tada!”

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  • Female victims report at a rate about ten times that of males. In a lesbian relationship the likelihood of one reporting abuse is exponetially higher.

  • Some years ago a national research report found a much higher incidence of men reporting abuse than expected . This was followed by a group of feminist academics following up some of the male respondents. Essentially to find that there were a great variety of circumstances . Essentially the “research” used a very small same to cast doubt on the idea of male victimisation. Of course there was no similar research into the reporting by women. No doubt a similarly targeted research on some women would have found the complexity familiar from Dr. Graham-kevan’s research among others. I helpline service has to be helpful . The complexity is for other investigative services later. Mankind is an honest service. MAL is actually sexist in applying different standards to women and men. Thank you for highlighting this disgraceful ” victim blaming”.