Jessica Lee MP is fourth 2010 Tory to quit

From yesterday’s Daily Telegraph:

The start of the article:

Jessica Lee, a Commons aide to Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General, said she was stepping down from Parliament after considering her “personal circumstances and responsibilities”. She will be the fourth female Conservative MP elected in 2010 to leave Parliament.

The Prime Minister is said to be frustrated at the reluctance of Conservative Associations to pick women to fight the 2015 general election.

As always, Conservative Associations are displaying more common sense than Dave.

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  • Women politicians seem to give up a lot sooner than men. So much for the need for quotas of female MPs. How can we have experienced MPs if they give up so easily It is only the unelected feminists in Whitehall that never go away.

    Even Julia Gillard, ex prime minister of Australia, has not got the guts to carry on now she does not have the top job anymore. In contrast to her male counterpart who did have the guts to fight for the job back.

    In the Liberal party they are more interested in smearing their male colleagues than working together.

    Just give us people who are serious about being MPs and have ALL their constituents interests at heart.

  • It was most revealing that “Paddy Pants Down” aka Lord Ashdown in his interview today said that respect for individuals was a core liberal value, “especially respect for women”. Put me in mind of Ernest Belfort Bax railing against “bourjoise” attitudes raising women on a pedestal. Looks like Paddy Ashdown and the leadership thoroughly subscribe to that value and will hound their hapless lesser individuals through yet another inquiry. Special privileges for women suggests they can’t function equally, and should actually oppose quotas and additional rights. However, in fact, the demands are all no different from the active upper middle class women of the late Victorian era who successfully lobbied for women to be raised onto a pedestal in society. The same pedestal that 1960s/70s feminists lobbied to be removed. Looks like the Lib Dems are well up for keeping the pedestal in place. A minor achievement, I actually sympathise with Lord Rennard, as he is clearly now just collateral damage in pedestal building. Sad that Tory women MPs keep stepping off their pedestals. Looks like David Cameron – the ‘heir to Blair’ – should give up putting women on pedestals.