Devon Wills set to become first female Major League Lacrosse player. Hurrah.

Our thanks to eagle-eyed M for this heart-warming story:

Ms Wills will be ‘in line’ to make next season’s squad for the New York Lizards. Isn’t that nice? Presumably, in the interests of gender equality, men will now be eligible to play for women’s sports teams? With the inevitable improvements in performance, that would surely go a long way to making women’s sports more watchable, although I wouldn’t want to extend the principle to women’s beach volleyball. Some sports are fine just as they are.

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  • As you say the fair thing would be to end male/female parallel lines in sport. Their does seem no reason to maintain a sort of ” junior league” just for women. So long as all is fair the all sorts of different things may happen as per the 100 metre sprint piece. In some sports women may well compete well and others not so well. Fine. Basically as men are mich more into sport as participants and spectators then I doubt there will a dramatic shift from the position in many “mixed” sports where a few determined women compete within a larger male pool. I actually think it better all round as it then punctures many of the myths. Just as in Parliament Blairs Babes proved a pretty lamentable lot . A lot of the gender feminists claims are based on hopelessly idealistic ideas of how women would be if only they were involved. If they are then we get to see. Quotas no, but encouragement and equal expections fine.