Blog post offered to The Huffington Post: ‘Gender Feminism – The Approaching Crisis’

A young gender feminist blogger, Ellie Slee, recently wrote a blog piece containing a false allegation about J4MB. It was published by The Huffington Post. I politely pointed out to her that the allegation was demonstrably false, but as I’d anticipated – because she’s a gender feminist – she was willing to neither retract the statement, nor apologise for it. I contacted the legal team at AOL – HuffPo‘s parent company – and the offending allegation was swiftly retracted.

Impressed by the professionalism with which the matter had been handled – given HuffPo‘s business model, I feel confident they weren’t aware of the misleading statement in advance of publication – I was intrigued to get a call from a supporter suggesting I offer blog pieces to HuffPo. It’s well-known for being left-leaning so I doubted they’d publish any pieces from me, but I got in touch anyway. The lady there was very polite, and asked me to submit a piece for consideration. I duly submitted an 800-word piece, as requested. Like all short articles, it took a surprisingly long time to write. It takes so much less time to write a long article.

I then had an exchange of emails with the polite lady, and it soon became evident that the changes she required to make it acceptable for publication by HuffPo were such that I wouldn’t be prepared to put my name to the piece. But having spent time writing it, I thought the least I should do was publish it elsewhere. So here it is, modified only with an expanded ‘author biography’:

140109 blog piece submitted to The Huffington Post on the approaching crisis in gender feminism

5 thoughts on “Blog post offered to The Huffington Post: ‘Gender Feminism – The Approaching Crisis’

  1. I think they did not want to change anything. They obviously just want to censor the truth. Which media outlet is going to be first to break through and do this. They fear loss of advertising revenue, and many feminist taught women work and control advertising output now.

    Just look at all the misandry in nearly all adverts. I think advertising is a better area to target for MHRAs for this indirect reason.

    It could be added to J4MB objectives in my opinion. Current guidelines are obviously not working. Only Aunt Bessie adverts show women in a comedic stereotypical way, but its not in a hateful and demeaning way. The “new” stereotype or standard of all men as fools is hateful. Men as sex objects I do not object to as that is natural human nature, as long as women can be shown in the same way. Rant over.

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