Caroline Criado-Perez – a man (25) and a woman (23) plead guilty to sending menacing tweets to her

Thanks to K for sending us this:

Of course we don’t condone anyone (male or female) sending menacing tweets – or other communications, in any form – to anyone (male or female). The sole purpose of this piece is to critique some comments made by CC-P. From the article:

Asked how she felt about one of her attackers being a woman, she said: “I think  it is really sad but on the other hand I don’t see why we should think that women who are brought up in a society steeped in misogyny should be any less affected by it and any less likely to hate women.”

Firstly, why was it ‘really sad’ to CC-P that one of the people was a woman? Maybe because it flew in the face of the feminist narrative, ‘women good, men bad’? In CC-P’s twisted gender feminist worldview (the word ‘twisted’ is surely redundant, on reflection) women’s actions – even threats made to other women – are to be attributed to ‘being brought up in a society steeped in misogyny’. So even when women do bad things, men are still to blame. Priceless. Like the youngest dimmest children, women shouldn’t be held fully accountable for their actions and inactions, in the way men are. Female privilege, anyone?

Misogyny is a versatile feminist weapon, isn’t it? Just one of several arrows in their quivers of shaming tactics. I’ve never knowingly met or communicated with a misogynist, in the MHRM or outside it, and people who know me will attest I’m not one myself. It’s been painfully evident for decades that misogyny is nothing less than a projection by misandrous women, a group which includes all gender feminists by definition.

It’s been over four months since I publicly challenged CC-P over a demonstrably misleading claim she made on BBC radio, when she called into a show on which I was talking about women in the workplace. Details of the challenge can be found through the second link in this piece:

She didn’t respond to the challenge. No surprise there, because no gender feminist has ever responded to our public challenges, even when we’ve presented evidence to show their arguments were demonstrably flawed. There are a number of possible explanations for their utter shamelessness, but the most obvious is surely MISANDRY.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

Whenever and wherever you find yourself thinking about gender feminists – hopefully not too often, for the sake of your sanity – bring to mind some immortal advice:

Illegitimi non carborundum.

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Jericho One

    “a man (25) and a woman (23) plead guilty to sending menacing tweets”

    And to think we were being led to believe that she was being pursued by an army of male rapists…

  • CC-P also said “freedom of speech” should be protected on social websites, especially for feminists and linked this to women allegedly being forced off the sites by trolling. No mention of mens’ right to freedom speech or that women are also trolls too. When asked that she was not really at threat she just quoted a list of things not included in the tweets for the case shown on NewsNight.

    She was then followed by a discussion on domestic violence with two guests. A man who runs RESPECT that only treated men who commit domestic voilence and a woman who heads Womans Aid. Neither mentioned once domestic violence by women on men. The woman just asked for tougher laws, more police interference, and more money for helping women. Why is the BBC output again being hijacked to promote pro-feminist biased news items. I do not pay the license fee for half the population to be not represented in what should be genderless issues. In my opinion they are again in breech of their charter.

    • Thanks John. We plan to make an official complaint about the Newsnight piece and give it all the publicity we can. Even Polly Neate (Women’s Aid) looked embarrassed.

  • vadark

    I don’t know if you heard CCP being interviewed on Radio 4 yesterday but she made it very clear that she thought the vast majority of menacing tweets would come from men and that she would be REALLY surprised if there were many women. She also said that for the worst offenders could be considered for prison. I’d be REALLY interested to know just how many of these tweeters are women and, if they were, I wonder whether CCP would hold her position on the prison statement. I can’t help feeling that she’d find an excuse for female perpetrators!

    • Thanks V. The excuse for female perpetrators is of course they live in a misogynistic society. That’s their catch-all albeit batshit insane explanation. Earlier today we put up a link to last night’s BBC Newsnight programme in which her case got a lot of coverage, including an uncritical interview with Jeremy Paxman, together lasting 10 minutes:


      The coverage CC-P gets on the BBC in particular – both TV and radio – is UNBELIEVABLE. The police resources spent on her ‘abusive tweets’ case are, of course, never enough. She’s a solid gold Entitlement Princess and shameless manipulator of the media.

      Later in the programme was a longer piece on DV which presented yet again the gender feminists’ ‘women = victims”, ‘men = perpetrators’ narrative. We’re preparing a complaint to the BBC.

      • vadark

        I’ve just viewed the Newsnight programme via your link and I’m once again astonished (but not surprised) by the way the BBC handled the story. They just don’t give up with their biased and sexist reporting styles do they! Why, for crying out loud, couldn’t they simply have shown a true representation by including a male victim for once? Is it such a big ask?

        I’m really pleased that you’re preparing a complaint, Mike, and I hope you refer it to Ofcom while you’re at it. I have a vision of you offering to educate Jeremy Paxman via a 15 minute slot on Newsnight – in the style of Russell Brand would be cool 🙂 That would give J4MB a rocket-fuelled kick-start into 2014!

        The more media attention that J4MB gets, the better the future will be for our young generation of boys. Keep up the good work, you’re going from strength to strength.

      • Thanks V. Going to go through the BBC Editorial Guidelines before preparing the complaint re Newsnight – the document is 215 pages long. Still, who needs sleep? Good idea re Ofcom, we’ll give that consideration.