Father forced to pay child support… for a child who isn’t his

M’s on a roll… it’s proving difficult to keep up with him. From the United States:


Juvenile Court magistrate Nancy Kessler allegedly told the man she found it very ‘distasteful’ he was ‘bastardizing’ the child. Hadn’t the mother of the child done that in the first place? Why should a man be criticised for objecting to financially support another man’s child? Would anyone criticise a woman for objecting to financially support another woman’s child? Of course not. It would be unthinkable.

In the UK one form of paternity fraud, persuading a man (or seeking to persuade a man) that he’s the biological father of a child, when he isn’t, has long been a criminal offence. The CSA alone has kept track of cases where men – alleged to be the fathers of individual children – have appealed and demanded paternity tests, often proved their non-paternity. For many years over 500+ such cases p.a. have come to light through this process, as we discovered following a FoI request we made earlier this year.

How many women have been ever been convicted of this crime in the UK? Regular readers of this blog could probably guess the answer. Not one. The Crown Prosecution Service takes the stance that there’s no ‘public interest’ in bringing cases, regardless of the evidence. Yet again, women aren’t being held legally accountable for their actions.

This form of paternity fraud, along with another form – frustrating contraceptive methods in order to become pregnant – is commonplace. It’s believed that up to 30% of children being raised in the UK are being supported financially and otherwise by men who’ve been misled into believing they’re the children’s biological fathers:


We’re calling for compulsory paternity testing at birth – only then will we know the true scale of the fraud – and for men to have financial liability for a child only if they’ve legally committed in advance to bear that liability, in the event of a pregnancy occurring in the course of a relationship.

In time we’ll have the male contraceptive pill:


When it arrives, men will at last enjoy the same reproductive rights which women have enjoyed since the late 1960s.

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