Ellie Slee (‘Huffington Post’ contributor) – Whiny Woman of the Month (January 2014)

We put the question of who to select for next month’s Whiny Woman of the Month award to the team in Bath yesterday over the teatime Earl Grey, McVitie’s Digestives… and a new addition at Kevin’s request, Jammy Dodgers. I digress. There are always plenty of contenders for these awards, and before long gender feminists will doubtless see it as a ‘badge of honour’ to be presented with one. Maybe we’ll start selling them in return for donations to party funds.

Following a short discussion we selected the Huffington Post contributor Ellie Slee for the next award. The link below will take her to the award certificate which we feel sure she’ll print off, put into a nice frame, and display somewhere suitable in her home. Maybe on a wall with a pretty floral pattern wallpaper?

140101 Ellie Slee’s ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award certificate

In a recent Huffington Post article (link below) Ms Slee falsely claimed that J4MB refers to women as ‘gestational incubators’:


We’ve never referred to women in this way, needless to say. So what is the source of the reference to women as ‘gestational incubators’? Ms Slee links to a recent article written by Clint Carpentier and published on AVfM – ‘The Future of Women in a MGTOW Society’ – to which we provided a link. The full article’s here:


How many people would have bothered to check out the article link? Not many, we guess. And of the people who did, what proportion would reasonably – albeit incorrectly – have deduced Carpentier was writing on behalf of J4MB, and reflecting our views? We didn’t comment on the piece other than to say it was an interesting piece of ‘future gazing’, or words to that effect. An extract from Carpentier’s article:

What women didn’t realize was that the very things which made their lives easier – be they appliances or conveniently boxed pre-made meals at the grocery store – simultaneously reduced the necessity for women. Men are increasingly becoming aware of this, and are opting to go their own way and reject the farce that marriage has become.

Women have inadvertently been reduced to gestational incubators; everything else, men can take care of on their own. And the more that women harp on about how evil, and useless, and stupid men are, and how much men must be responsible for the life choices women make, the more men opt to ignore women altogether.

Even by feminist commentators’ notoriously low standards, Ms Slee’s plumbing new depths. She appears to be inferring that if an organisation links to material written by someone, the organisation can reasonably be represented in an article as the originator of any content in the material. In this case we have the following bizarre ‘trail’:

– Clint Carpentier (an individual with no connection whatsoever to J4MB) refers in a published article to women as ‘gestational incubators’

– J4MB publishes a link to the piece

– J4MB itself can therefore be presented as referring to women as ‘gestational incubators’

Wow. Is the Huffington Post aware that one of its contributors is working to this standard of journalistic integrity?

Given that Ms Slee cites Andrea Dworkin’s book Pornography, she’s skating on thin ice. Might J4MB be tempted to play the same game as Ms Slee, and present a carefully selected extract from Pornography as attributable to Ms Slee personally, rather than to Dworkin? Of course not. We don’t need to.

The MHRM is slowly but steadily gaining ground internationally through repeated and well-reasoned arguments, and calm presentation. Gender feminism is losing ground because for 30+ years the hate-driven women driving it – with their male collaborators – have relied for their existence as professional feminists on conspiracy theories, fantasies, lies, delusions and myths… and shrill emotionally-driven presentation. An ever-growing band of men and women, of all ages, are telling them to take a long hike.

It’s about damned time.

For decades gender feminists have been notorious for refusing to retract demonstrably misleading statements made in the media. We’ve yet to receive responses to our public challenges of Kat Banyard and Caroline Criado-Perez on (respectively) Channel 4 News and BBC radio:



There have been plenty of other gender feminists unwilling to correct misleading statements. A small selection of these shameless women (and their male collaborators) is to be found here:


One final thing. I haven’t the faintest idea if Ms Slee is married, but if she were to marry a Mr Peahead, she could thereafter rejoice in the name of Mrs Slee-Peahead, which has a satisfying ring to it.

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