2 thoughts on “Peter Hitchens: ‘A tax break won’t rescue marriage. It’s been doomed for four decades.’

  1. Too little, too late; especially when welfare, make-work jobs, no-fault divorce and the cougar lifestyle are such highly tempting alternatives for women.

    I strongly believe that ultimately, people respond to incentives – no matter what BS excuses people use to legitimise their actions, and that the majority of people are amoral advantage seekers. It seems that virtue (which serves little advantage today) is being bred out of the gene and meme pool.

    Found this little random gem purely by chance:

  2. Peter Hitchens only got one thing not quite right. Lesbian clergywomen would not respect marriage either. Lesbians are 3 times more likely to end civil partnerships the men, so they will not be any different in marriage. In European countries with same-sex marriage they already have this higher level of divorces between women. Basically it would appear women mostly marry for money because that is what the current marriage laws and family court implementation allow. Women even get legal aid to make the process trouble free for them only. Even when women get the house, children and money from the man and state, they can end up depressed, take drugs, end up in jail, and then this Government is looking to help them even more by not locking them up and giving them another house and job to end the depression. By then the father, with no help, has probably committed suicide because he will not ever see his children no matter had bad a parent the woman is. We must change this, if we rescue the men and boys from the empty feminist agenda we will rescue the women and girls by default. The alternative does not bear thinking about.

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