The male contraceptive pill

I’ve just had a call from Simon Hoban, a presenter on BBC Radio Merseyside asking me to contribute to a discussion later today (around 4:45) about a possible forthcoming male contraceptive pill. I have, of course, agreed to contribute to the discussion. A Daily Mail piece about the pill:–girls-trust-men-it.html

The laughable question is being asked, could women trust men to take the pill? Well, if a man didn’t take it, he’d run the risk of financially maintaining a child he didn’t want for 18+ years – that’s if his partners didn’t choose to have an abortion, regardless of what the man wanted – so I think we can safely assume men won’t forget. As usual, men are held accountable for their actions and inactions. This is in stark contrast to the huge numbers of women who ‘forget’ to take the contraceptive pill – or frustrate other reliable contraceptive methods – in order to become pregnant by a man who doesn’t wish to become a father.

Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones admitted to using semen from the used condoms of ex-partners in (failed) attempts to become pregnant, and she reported how common it is for women to deceive and manipulate partners who don’t want to become fathers:

The state doesn’t force women to be responsible for children they don’t want, whether as a result of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, or otherwise. Likewise the state shouldn’t force men to be financially responsible for children unless they’ve made a prior legally binding commitment to be responsible for any children resulting from a sexual relationship, a proposal we have in our public consultation document.

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