Another day, another female teacher abusing a 16-year-old male pupil

Our thanks to J for this story:

From the article:

Mrs Horton told head teacher Catherine  Bradshaw that she had ‘slept’ with the boy and handed in her notice.

The head referred the matter to social  services and the police but the Crown Prosecution Service decided to take no  further action.

Mrs Bradshaw said Mrs Horton was well-respected and  her actions were ‘out of character’.

Mrs Horton was ‘well-respected’ and her actions were ‘out of character’. Well, that’s all right, then. Would such pathetic defences – from a female head teacher – ever be used with respect to a 33-year-old male teacher who’d had sex with a 16-year-old female pupil? No. And why did the CPS take no further action?

Mrs Horton will be able to reapply to teach in two years’ time. Would the same be true of a male teacher in the same circumstances? Of course not. He’d probably be in jail by now.

Once again we have to ask, why are women not held as accountable for their misdeeds and crimes as men are? All too often they’re treated as having no more personal accountability than young children. It’s little wonder they abuse the justice system, and many other taxpayer-funded systems, as they do.

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