Honey Badger Radio: ‘Femservatives – the unsettling links between feminism and traditionalism’

Some people, especially those with right-of-centre leanings, are puzzled by the fact we’re going to contest Conservative marginal seats in 2015 rather than Labour marginal seats, when feminism is a Leftist ideology. The prime reason for our decision – we may contest another party’s marginal seats in 2020 – is that the Conservatives, under the leadership of David Cameron since 2005, have pursued feminist agendas with even more determination than the preceding Labour administrations (1997-2010). A small example. In the course of 13 years, despite the malevolent presence of Harriet Harman and her ilk, Labour didn’t threaten to legislate for gender quotas on corporate boards. The Conservative-led coalition has enthusiastically pursued many such anti-male policy directions from the outset. This has nothing to do with the Lib Dems. We know, for example, that David Cameron is personally involved with driving the gender balance on corporate boards initiative:


An excerpt from the Independent piece written by Helena Morrissey, the founder and still the leader of The 30% Club http://www.30percentclub.org.uk/ which campaigns to increase female representation on major corporate boards:

Even if these voluntary steps are starting to work, should the government do more to speed up change? The Prime Minister is already doing a lot behind the scenes [Editor’s note: the highlighting of this astonishing sentence is mine]. As well as high-profile events like the reception he hosted at No.10 last October for women in business, David Cameron and his team have been working on several ideas to support business-led initiatives. For many months, they’ve been working with the 30% Club to broaden mentoring programmes and help create a database of ‘board-ready’ women [Editor’s note: again, the highlighting is mine].

Many FTSE100 chairmen are members of The 30% Club http://www.30percentclub.org.uk/members/. The willingness of such men – in general, upper or lower case ‘C’ Conservatives – to pander to the demands of a small number of strident women, regardless of the damage wrought on men and society in general, is a phenomenon with deep historical roots. Feminism is an extension of female privileging in the private sphere into the public sphere, a point well made by Ernest Belfort Bax in a book published 100 years ago, The Fraud of Feminism. The book is downloadable here, at no cost:


Honey Badger Radio recently broadcast a two-hour-long programme in which the usual contributors (Karen Straughan, Alison Tieman and Della Burton) explored the links between feminism and traditionalism:


Nick Reading, the Supreme Wizard of a Canadian party, The Patriarchy Party, joins the discussion over 57:26 – 69:35. Over 81:35 – 84:50 there’s a fascinating account by Karen Straughan (‘GirlWritesWhat’) of her experience at the recent groundbreaking men’s rights rally in Toronto, and her exchanges with a number of men at the rally. The subsequent phone-in is interesting too.

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