Kat Banyard, UK Feminista, and the poisoning of girls’ and young women’s minds

Kat Banyard is a militant feminist, the founder and driving force behind UK Feminista. She needs no introduction to regular visitors to this site and that of Anti-Feminism League http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com. Seven months ago we emailed her with respect to a misleading claim she’d made in an interview with Jon Snow on Channel 4 News – predictably he didn’t challenge her – and she has yet to respond. I think it’s fair to say she’ll never admit her claim wasn’t based on independent reliable evidence. Here’s the video file, and our challenge to Ms Banyard:


I received an update from Feminista UK today – I signed on to receive updates and imagine I’ll shortly be removed from the list. The piece was titled, ‘This Autumn: Kick-start your activism (hone your skills and inspire your community with our Action Toolkit and workshops).’ In the associated photograph there are 15 young women holding up a UK Feminista banner. At a guess, judging by their attire, I’d say nine or ten of them are from traditional Asian backgrounds. Their communities would surely be deeply alarmed about what these young women are getting involved with, if they understood the nature of militant feminism – and with very good reason. The strong families which are the bedrock of those communities would be torn asunder by feminism.

UK Feminista is engaged in a cynical campaign to poison the minds of impressionable girls and young women. Doesn’t ‘help you to organise for a world without sexism’ have an Orwellian ring to it, concealing as it does the true objectives of UK Feminista’s work? It wouldn’t be out of place in Nineteen Eight-Four.

The remainder of this post consists of the content of the email I received today.

At UK Feminista HQ we’ve been busy finding ways to help you to organise for a world without sexism:

Action Toolkit

Want to make change happen but don’t know where to start? We’ve developed an online Action Toolkit, packed with tips on designing and running actions and campaigns. Our latest guides will show you show you how to:

>Plan a winning campaign

>Hit the headlines with traditional media

>Set up a feminist group

>Harness the power of social media

Book a Kick-starter workshop: Birmingham & the Black Country

We are offering unique workshops in Birmingham & the Black Country on feminism and feminist activism. These workshops are perfect to help you launch a new feminist group, revitalise an existing one, or get your local community, faith or women’s group discussing gender equality. And if you’re not part of a group, you can sign up to come along to the next one near you.

>Find out more and book your workshop

Take action in your school or college

If you’re a young feminist and want to tackle sexism in your school or college and beyond, then you’re part of Generation F! We’re offering free workshops to schools and colleges to get you and your friends talking about feminism, as well as training on how to set up a feminist group and start campaigning.

>Email generationf@ukfeminista.org.uk to find out more.

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