More stay-at-home mothers have returned to work in the past two years, than in the previous 15 years combined

An interesting article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph:

Almost 200,000 women in two-parent families with dependent children have re-entered the workplace since 2011, compared with 185,000 who went back to work between 1996 and 2011, a period encompassing THREE Labour administrations.

The article contains perceptive comments by Laura Perrins, a former barrister, a leading figure in the campaign group, Mothers at Home Matter

I would say that the government has absolutely failed to be in any way family-friendly. They don’t seem to understand what family-friendly means – they think it basically means separating mothers from their young children. The Coalition are more interested in ideology and the gender politics of getting more mothers back into work than being family-friendly

They have dedicated themselves to separating mothers from their young children. The needs of children are completely ignored.

Later in the article it’s stated that the proportion of men of working age in employment has fallen from 92% in 1971 to 76% this year. How can anyone not see all of this as a state-sponsored initiative to drive women into work, regardless of the cost to women’s happiness, the wellbeing of men, and the nuclear family? The Conservatives in particular should be ashamed of themselves for their role in all this.

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  • Is this the sane people who moan about gender pay gaps? It seems to me that feminism wants to support women getting equal pay AND taking years out to raise kids. Obviously I support every family’s right to make the decision of stay at home or working parents but as women are more prone to deciding to stay at home with kids, every woman that does drags the average salary down, thus furthering the “gender pay gap” myth.

    Feminists. Have cake – will eat.