The different natures of men and women

I much enjoyed the second of three episodes of Science Britannica on BBC2 this evening, most notably for the contribution of Simon Baron-Cohen, an eminent psychology professor at Cambridge University. He was the originator of the thesis that autism is an expression of an extreme male-pattern brain, a theory which has since gained widespread acceptance.

The good professor talked about the importance of a ‘systemising brain’ to scientific inquiry, and despite my shouting at the television, the programme didn’t make the obvious link to his work – that the male brain is ‘hard wired’ for systemising, while the female brain is ‘hard wired’ for empathising. It has been verboten in mainstream media for decades to say that the vast majority of men and women act gender-typically given the choice, and that those actions result primarily from gender-typical brain differences.

Gender-typical brain differences are a reality which feminists fight with every fibre of their miserable beings, while neuroscientists build a mountain of evidence. Feminists are like flat earth theorists who have an explanation for every scientific explanation that proves them wrong.

Baron-Cohen wrote a remarkable book published in 2003, The Essential Difference. I had short extracts in my book David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman? (2010), later included in The Glass Ceiling Delusion: the real reasons few women reach senior positions (2011). The following is the first 10 pages from a chapter in the latter book entitled, ‘The Different Natures of Men and Women’. The last four pages are concerned with Baron-Cohen’s book:

130925 Extract from ‘The Glass Ceiling Delusion’

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I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Nick diPerna

    I keep telling feminists that taking up higher mathematics or one of the hard sciences would help with their reasoning abilities. Though I’ve yet to persuade any…

    • Thanks for that. Richard Dawkins upset Muslims recently when he pointed out that his alma mater, Trinity College, Oxford, had produced more science Nobel Laureates than the Muslim world. Then someone pointed out that it had produced more of them than female scientists collectively.

      • Nick diPerna

        It would seem that you don’t need to produce anything of value when you can get others to do your bidding…

  • feminism is nothing but a mass delusion,built on hysteria and utopia. The moment it is faced with hard facts and stats,it sputters. And the only thing to keep it still afloat is men’s reluctance to challenge it,due to their gentlemanly manners. Therefore,today’s deluded feminists have gentlemen to thank, for still being around. Hopefully,men’s patience is wearing increasingly thin.And so it should…..