IT’S NOT FAIR!!! Some women impacted negatively by other women exercising choices.

It’s just been discovered, apparently, that when one group of people makes choices, it may impact negatively on other groups of people. Who knew? Now if the first group consists of women, and the second group of men, that’s not a problem. Indeed it’s long been the default setting for how most societies operate across the developed world.

But what if the second group also consists of women? The second group wouldn’t complain about that, surely? Forgive me, I couldn’t resist that. Of course they do:

The end of the piece is priceless:

Clearly, what we need are work environments where the specifics of your home life shouldn’t matter at all, and a culture that supports everyone having a life outside of work, regardless of whether that life includes raising kids or not.

Translated into plain English, I think this means:

Clearly, what we need are work environments which give women special treatment, regardless of whether or not they have children.

How could anyone possibly object to that happy state of affairs?


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