Quentin Letts: ‘How the Left’s grip on Britain is tightening’

The Daily Mail journalist, broadcaster and author Quentin Letts was the first winner of our coveted ‘Winston’ award (there have been only two since, Philip Davies MP and Peter Lloyd, who writes for Mail Online). Yesterday, on my way to our party’s first AGM, I read a piece Quentin had written in the Daily Mail, titled, ‘How the Left’s grip on Britain is tightening’:


The following extract struck me as particularly insightful:

Recent figures showed that more Labour  supporters are working for public bodies under David Cameron than did so under  the last Labour government. Mr Cameron loves to be thought Centrist, moderate, not a tribal fellow. The Left sees this and takes him for a fool.

The Prime Minister is foregoing control of organisations which are undermining his Government.

Virtually everything David Cameron does is left-friendly, and when the opportunity arises, feminist-friendly.

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