Toxic Feminists of the Month

[Note added 29.11.16: We haven’t been regularly presenting ‘Feminist of the Month’ awards since April 2016, because people now fully understand that feminists are whiny, gormless, toxic liars. We shall in future present awards on an ad-hoc basis.]

In common with all our awards, we’ll never run out of contenders for this one. In reverse chronological order:

May 2017: Caitlin Moran Times ‘journalist’

November 2016: Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh MP

March 2016: Caroline Criado-Perez Grievance generator

February 2016: Alison Saunders Director of Public Prosecutions

January 2016: Vera Baird QC Police and Crime Commissioner, Northumbria

December 2015: Dame Sally Davies Chief Medical Officer for England

November 2015: Jess Phillips Labour MP

October 2015: Julie Bindel Lesbian feminist

September 2015: Charlotte Proudman Barrister