‘Want equality when it suits them!’ Philip Davies says he’s ‘gone off’ feminists in scathing rant

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2 thoughts on “‘Want equality when it suits them!’ Philip Davies says he’s ‘gone off’ feminists in scathing rant

  1. the survey or studies that claims that misandry is a myth
    came from the university of surrey and chose a sample of 10k people in nine countries
    a) wonder what those nine countries are
    b) approx 1k per country is a poor sample

    but given the author( likely a feminist) has decided feminist is not anti men, perhaps she would be willing to campaign for removal of scholarshisp based on gender, lenient sentencing for women, and affirmative action for women in education, housing, health and employment ?
    ..nevermind the obvious bias in child custody and family courts…

  2. Yet another example from sport. Remembering that feminists insist women are equally capable in the Army, Marines, Police, Fire Services etc. Yet it seems this is not true of sport (even Chess as reported in the past year) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12766215/Female-boxer-Canada-withdraws-trans-opponent.html
    Even if the person transitioned before puberty. If nothing else the trans debate constantly reminds us exactly why it is there are so many women only things and how fanciful the claims of feminists.

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