Bill to disestablish Church of England to be introduced in parliament

Interesting. The National Secular Society – a prominent cheerleader for the killing of unborn children – has campaigned since its founding in 1866 for the disestablishment of the CofE. My own view is they will regret the consequences, if and when it happens. I believe the Church of England might enjoy a resurgence following disestablishment and that’s something I’d welcome, despite not being religious myself.

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6 thoughts on “Bill to disestablish Church of England to be introduced in parliament

  1. One of the positives of Britain, traditionally, is that there has always been a diversity of educational backgrounds that people have. That makes possible a diversity of perspectives and points of view, on the issues of the day. Long may it continue!

  2. Thanks Dennis. I couldn’t think of anything worse than all children having a secular education. Where will they get moral guidance from? Leftie teachers? I went to RC boy-only boarding schools from 7-16 and am glad I did.

  3. That is interesting. Could it pave the way to a ban on religious schools which might be a good thing? Bring all children into a secular education system, teach them all British values and attempt to integrate them into a single culture. A price to be paid if you want to come and live here.

  4. My own suspicion is that the bill will accomplish nothing. Not because too few MPs are sympathetic to the idea, but because of who’s proposing it. The National Secular Society? Um….

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