Mercy killers may no longer be charged with murder while domestic abusers could be if their partner commits suicide under new prosecution guidelines

Interesting. An extract:

Director of public prosecutions Max Hill KC said domestic abuse was part of a crime wave in Britain and if an abuser’s unlawful actions resulted in a suicide then they would now face a manslaughter or murder charge.

‘And I did want to be clear, that you may find that a charge of murder is applied by the Crown Prosecution Service even after suicide, where what went before was unlawful activity in the context of a coercive relationship,’ he added.

We can be very sure that the police will focus on female suicides in a bid to prosecute more men for murder, despite 3.5x more men than women committing suicide. Suicide is particularly high among the street homeless, 90%+ of whom are men, many of them driven onto the streets by abusive female partners and then being denied accommodation by councils. None of those abusive women will ever be prosecuted.

So, what ‘evidence’ of domestic abuse will juries consider when men are prosecuted for the murder of partners who’ve committed suicide? Obviously they won’t be able to hear the testimony of the women. Are the accounts of friends and family of the dead woman to be taken as reliable, given that they might lie in a bid to have the man convicted? We know from PASK13 that in about 60% of couples with domestic violence, it’s bi-directional. Would the dead women have given truthful accounts of the violence to friends and family? Maybe, maybe not. The one thing we can be sure of is that more innocent men will serve prison sentences.

It’s long been known that women are at a higher risk of abuse from female partners than from male partners, we posted a piece on the matter last December. We can be sure the police won’t be looking at lesbian suicides with a view to prosecuting the women’s ex-partners.

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4 thoughts on “Mercy killers may no longer be charged with murder while domestic abusers could be if their partner commits suicide under new prosecution guidelines

  1. Strategy of the Dolphin – well worth a read.

    A man doesn’t need to have the money.

    He just needs to have the skills and intelligence to let them foolishly target men who do have money and the skills to get the truth / evidence out into the public domain.

    How long before the top tier lawyers representing men with a lot of money pick up on the truth / arguments now that they are getting flooded on to the internet in the same way Depp’s lawyers did with the issues around DV and forensic psychology?

    Go look at the comments on some recent news articles, the strategy is already working.

    All I can say to those doing this to men is…

    Good luck.

  2. Sure they will want to control the narrative, but as the Johnny Depp case showed, it is very easy to take that away from them.

    People just need to speak the truth as far and as wide as possible, like the Depp case showed, human nature will take its course:

    1) the high make suicide rate is a result of female perpetrated coercive control/DV. So more men than women are killed each each as a result of DV – and there is evidence.
    2) if the Government is depriving men who are victims of domestic violence of their fundamental human rights under international law, then the offence wouldn’t just be murder/manslaughter. It becomes properly arguable that prosecturos/government are committing genocide contrary to international law – and there is evidence.

    I don’t envy the government’s / prosecutors chances on this if the truth about female perpetrated DV progresses at the same pace it has in the last 10 years. No one would have believed that in 10 years time the world would side with Johnny Depp, a male victim of domestic violence and abuse.

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