Sick days at work hit highest level for 10 years. Women most affected.

A piece on the BBC website. By using a photograph of a woman, the BBC has unwittingly pointed to a truism. Women take more days off work than men, regardless of whether or not they have children to care for. Surprisingly, the BBC article fails to mention this long-established factoid.

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One thought on “Sick days at work hit highest level for 10 years. Women most affected.

  1. Very occasionally this does get a mention, in my industry its twice as much time absent, usually in the context of a demand women get more official leave for: childcare, caring for elderly relatives, menstruation, menopause and of course “mental health” in general. Even more occasionally a feminist will express the obvious, that the litany of “problems” that are posited as reasons for women to “legitimately” work less make women rather less attractive as employees. However the majority glide on with demands that women work less, after all an attractive prospect for anyone; work less for the same money! The facts of absenteeism would make this bleedin’ obvious.

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