Russell Brand was a heroin addict, discovers crack investigative team on page 145 of “My Booky-Wook” (pub. 2008)

Interesting. A new witch-hunt begins, another man deemed guilty before he’s had a chance to defend himself.

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2 thoughts on “Russell Brand was a heroin addict, discovers crack investigative team on page 145 of “My Booky-Wook” (pub. 2008)

  1. I was never a fan of Brand and his stage persona of a louche dissolute lifestyle and promotion of a hedonistic and nihilist philosophy but its uncomfortable how all of the discussions in the mainstream media have already progressed from accusation beyond his guilt to guilt by association for those who he worked for.
    This in the space of 24 hours before any investigation can have started let alone completed and without any opportunity for Brand to defend himself. Its not hard to think of famous men, always men, whose careers have been destroyed by false accusations with no redress.

    The accusations are to an extent aligned to his previous public persona and the result of an ‘investigation’ which seems to have collated an orchestrated the accusations. How many women did Russel Brand have casual sex with and discard at the height of his fame and how surprising is that amongst thousands? a few can be found to make accusations.

    Not many men have the opportunities of Russell Brand but everyman must be scared about the possibility of an accusations of sexual misconduct from a decade or more earlier, perhaps as little as emotional abuse in an atmosphere of believe in all accusations. Defending against which is handicapped by a lack of evidence and a difficulty in remembering any details or perhaps even the incident itself.

  2. It is suspicious why this has suddenly become a thing. Brand made his name and fame by his debauched lifestyle and boasted about his excesses. As this satire points out one need only get a copy of his book or interviews even recordings of his shows at the height of his fame to find a litany of actual and possible transgressions Brand must be the very easiest of targets. So why now, years later when he’s apparently settled ? Vey Odd.

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