Two tales of female entitlement

Our thanks to Nigel for this:

I wouldn’t normally pay too much attention to such things but these two items spanning teenage and middle age years illustrate the pervasiveness of female entitlement.

In the first we read of a teenage girl stealing from her brother, because his stuff suits her style, the father takes a simple practical step to at least make her ask. Yet the mother and mother-in-law seem OK with letting the boy’s stuff be taken. In just the way that they wouldn’t were is to be a lad taking things without asking.  Dad praised for buying son locks for his room to stop daughter’s ‘upsetting’ habit – Mirror Online

While scroll on many years and we have the classic tale of the bored housewife. Again it’s all about her and simply glosses over the basic facts that her “workaholic” husband has worked hard and long hours to support her, not working, and their three children. She complains he’s lazy despite working long and hard to house, feed and clothe the rest of his family.   BEL MOONEY: Has the time come to leave my lazy husband? | Daily Mail Online

In both the basic assumption of the women directly involved is that they are entitled to males’ “stuff”, and so effectively disregard the male’s work, the teenage boy or middle-aged man, to get that “stuff”.  For only a woman could say someone is a “workaholic” and at the same time “lazy”.

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