Professor Matt Goodwin: “If An Election Was Held Tomorrow (what the latest data tells us about the state of British politics)”

Interesting. I’ve posted the following comments:

Matt, thanks for this fascinating analysis. I don’t think I know one person who voted Tory in recent elections out of conviction, other than the last one, and even then out of the belief Brexit would finally be “done”. They’ve voted Tory to keep Labour out, particularly when there was a prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM. Since the Tories have long abandoned conservatism and Labour have apparently abandoned Marxism for the moment, they don’t believe life will be worse under Labour.

You write, “The party would need to completely rebuild from scratch, both professionally and ideologically or, perhaps, be replaced by something new.” Spot on. THAT is why so many former Tory voters (including myself) won’t be voting Tory next time.

Mike Buchanan



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