The saddest thing that’s ever happened in the world?

I don’t have the words to express my grief…. Apparently both teams played well, by women’s standards. Let’s hope neither team lets the hype go to their heads, leading them to challenge teams way out of their league e.g. under-12 boys.

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2 thoughts on “The saddest thing that’s ever happened in the world?

  1. A recent discovery , via this blog, Shoeonhead, makes a perceptive point in a review of Barbie the movie. That men remember compliments about them and their appearance (rather than their work or things they’ve done) for a long time. Because they are so rare. This chimes with my experience after well over 30 years of working in female dominated industries and marriage. Women in general spend a great deal of time and effort subtly or not so subtly fishing for compliments about their appearance or niceness. The sheer volume of this must result in “grade inflation” with compliments about the most mundane things being “amazing” , “gorgeous”, lovely, fantastic, and so on. To the extent of becoming pretty formulaic. The Womens world cup seems to have been no exception to this hyperbolic language inflation.

  2. Thank God England didn’t win. We’d have never heard the end of it from the BBC and British feminists demanding equal pay. I’ll let the Spanish worry about that one.

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