Lucy Letby is GUILTY of murdering babies: Neonatal nurse, 33, is convicted of killing premature newborns in hospital

Just published. Extracts:

Lucy Letby today became the most prolific child killer in modern British history after a jury found her guilty of murdering seven premature babies and trying to take the lives of six more during a year-long hospital killing spree.

The NHS neonatal nurse, 33, who will die behind bars, preyed on babies small enough to fit in the palm of her hand by injecting air into their bloodstreams or feeding tubes, causing them to collapse and die. She attacked two sets of twins and murdered two boys out of a set of identical triplets within 24 hours of each other, with the third only surviving because his parents begged another hospital to take him away…

The nurse, a seemingly ‘goofy’, ‘innocent’ young woman who had Disney cuddly toys on her bed, was also convicted of trying to murder ten newborns between June 2015 and June 2016 by poisoning them with insulin, overfeeding them milk, tampering with their breathing tubes or assaulting them. Four were left with life-long brain damage…

She got away with her killing spree despite consultants repeatedly trying to blow the whistle to managers about the spate of deaths on her watch. Dr Ravi Jayaram, a TV medic who appears on This Morning, said he was ‘fobbed off’ by nurses after his email warning about Letby prompted the response: ‘It’s unlikely that anything is going on, we’ll see what happens’…

Letby attacked several babies by shoving hard plastic or wire tubes down their throats.

Another suffered a ruptured liver – a violent injury likened by experts to injuries seen only in road accident victims.

Like fellow nurse Beverley Allitt, who was convicted of murdering four infants at two Lincolnshire hospitals in Lincolnshire, Letby used insulin as one of her attack methods.

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One thought on “Lucy Letby is GUILTY of murdering babies: Neonatal nurse, 33, is convicted of killing premature newborns in hospital

  1. It’s interesting isn’t it. Lucy Letby is indeed the most prolific British serial killer this century. Were you to Google a list of most notorious (programmes, books, etc.) They’d be men with Dr. Harold Shipman literally killing more people than all the other Male serial killers for the past two centuries. However the most prolific was Amelia Dyer in the late 19th Century with perhaps 400 victims Better known is Mary Ann Cotton (Over 20 victims), while last century Amela Sach (20plus) Annie Walters (20+) were top killers until Shipman. In fact the Male killers though far less prolific are far more famous. With the exception of Rose West and Myra Hindley the female killers killed children in their care or family members.
    Letby’s trial illustrates well the difficulty of belief when the killer is a woman and a care giver, with the Doctors raising the alarm being forced to apologise to Letby by HR and senior managers. Nice female nurse vs. nasty privileged males, obviously she was the victim! After the Beverley Allitt case there was more attention paid to “Angel of mercy” killers but vulnerable babies, severely disabled people and frail elderly , are often sick and where death is not a total surprise. And of course we are massively resistant to seeing females as capable of such predation.

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