Entitlement Princess Charlotte Proudman told to get off college lawn blames sexism

Our thanks to Mike P for this in yesterday’s Telegraph. An extract:

Dr Proudman’s Sunday night post on Twitter where she accused the student of “male entitlement” has been viewed more than two million times.

She told The Telegraph: “When a photograph was taken of me on the lawn to mark this momentous occasion, a student shouted out to me that I would be ‘chucked out’ if I continued to stand on the grass, which ruined what was otherwise a warm homecoming experience.

“I very much doubt the student would have spoken to an older white man standing on the lawn in the same way. It goes to show that young women are still perceived as not belonging in traditional academic institutions.

Let’s get this straight. In Ms Proudman’s warped brain, something she “doubts” becomes a reality which offends her delicate sensibilities. When feminists run out of things to be offended by, they invent them.

Mike writes:

Another infantile display from the Look At Me!!! Queen. Incidentally, ‘Proudman’ is an anagram of:

Dona Rump
Maud Porn
Dump Nora
Round Pam
And Rumpo
Um Pardon

Just saying….

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One thought on “Entitlement Princess Charlotte Proudman told to get off college lawn blames sexism

  1. In the Telegraph another Graduate makes a good riposte.
    “But along with most graduates of the college I never would because literally the only reason to do so would be to parade one’s entitlement at the expense of the lawn.”
    Given the keep off the grass signs the young man seems to be giving a friendly warning! “If they catch you, you’ll get chucked out.” sounds more like a warning than a demand.

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