Julie Bindel: The murder trial that broke me

A piece just published by Unherd. I’ve posted these comments:

“Investigating yet another atrocity, over the past few years, I have been overwhelmed by anxiety and depression, unable to sleep.”

Julie, I’m not surprised. As a radical feminist you’re only interested in male violence against women and girls. This means you are utterly BLIND to female violence against men, women and children, and your toxic writings inevitably make many women more anxious than they should be about male violence towards women and girls, given how rare it is.Feminists are the only group of people actively seeking to RAISE women’s anxiety, for their own nefarious purposes.

In the real world, it’s long been known that:

It’s about time Unherd stopped being a propaganda platform for feminists, and published pieces by anti-feminists in the interest of balance.

Mike Buchanan


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2 thoughts on “Julie Bindel: The murder trial that broke me

  1. A good response but you omitted the fact that it is women who are the most likely to abuse and murder children not men but that in either case it is an extremely rare aberrant few not representative in any way of the majority.

    Bindel is a disgusting . Glee shines through the article that she has found a particularly gruesome example of male violence that she can feed off. Its disturbing that anyone should delight in such events.

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