The Stanford Rape Hoax

Our thanks to Alan for this lengthy and interesting piece in Quillette.


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One thought on “The Stanford Rape Hoax

  1. Now of course no one has support for a rapist. The mainstream reporting on this case from Scotland Demonstrates the not so subtle ways the media twists stories. To see the news and on line reporting you would believe a 21 year old man had assaulted a 13 year old girl. And received a lenient sentence under rules for “under 25s”. Whereas in fact the crime was committed when he was 17 and the Judge (a woman) took into account rules about under 18s as well as more recent ones for under 25s. As well as the 4 years time it had taken to get to court. Now I accept that punishment is in order but the actual story is rather different than that pedaled.
    Given that this “spin” is repeated in even left wing outlets such as the Guardian and ITV news, often seeking leniency for all other crimes one can see there is not the remotest “condoning” of rape or “rape culture” in any part of our culture. Where even the accusation, however fantastical, is treated as fact.

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