Julie Bindel is a loathsome lazy liar

I doubt any followers of this blog would disagree with my description of Julie Bindel as loathsome. The lesbian radical feminist has more pieces published in the mainstream media every year than all the world’s MRAs combined for the past 50 years, yet she has the brass neck to complain regularly in her pieces about being “silenced”.

Still, we can laugh at how ridiculous she is. One of the most-enjoyed videos in the Comedy Channel here and on our Laughing at Feminists website is Hitler reacts to radical feminist Julie Bindel (video, 3:59).

The harridan often has articles published by The Spectator, the publication whose editor, Fraser Nelson, has yet to reply to the open letter I sent him in May 2021, asking for an explanation of why his magazine regularly publishes lies about domestic violence from Julie Bindel and other feminists, but refused to accept a full-page paid advertisement from Elizabeth Hobson and myself, setting out what has been known about domestic violence for decades.

Bindel’s latest execrable article for The Spectator was published today, it’s titled Untying the knot: The rise of lesbian divorce. I wondered how she’d shoe-horn in male violence against women, her pet subject, and didn’t have to read far:

Many women are prevented from filing for divorce by the fear of violence that often follows separation from an abusive and controlling man, or by worries who will manage the burden of childcare. [J4MB: Childcare is always a “burden” for feminists, of course.]

Bindel notes that “far more lesbian couples are filing for divorce than gay men.” Quelle surprise, she sees this as being a reason to celebrate lesbians. No mention, of course, that violence is more prevalent in lesbian couples than straight couples, maybe that’s a driver of lesbian divorce?

Why do I call the hatchet-faced trout a “lazy liar” on this occasion? She pathetically attempts some historic revisionism in the final paragraph:

I am minded of the late Paula Ettelbrick, a US-based lesbian and human-rights lawyer, who, in her 1989 paper ‘Since When Is Marriage a Path to Liberation?’, came up with one of the greatest lines about state interference in relationships: ‘Marriage is a great institution – if you like living in institutions.’

A quick internet search would have informed Bindel that the earliest attribution of the saying was to HL Mencken (1890-1977), an American journalist, essayist, satirist, cultural critic, and scholar of American English.

The failure of The Spectator to challenge that last paragraph says much about the standards of the paper, and its contempt for its readers, most of whom will be familiar with the quotation and know it long pre-dates 1989. The most famous exponent of the line died before Ettelbrick’s paper – Mae West (1893-1980).

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