Extracts from “Feminism: The Ugly Truth”

I’ve been posting more material on my new website Laughing at Feminists, including some extracts from my book Feminism: The Ugly Truth (2015). It occurred to me I might post that particular blog piece here, too:

Mike Buchanan has written 10 books since 2008, his Amazon page is here. All have been international bestsellers, despite claims to the contrary by jealous feminist writers.

LPS Publishing released Mike Buchanan’s book Feminism: The Ugly Truth in 2012, and an updated edition in 2016, in paperback and ebook formats – here. The book is 408 pages long and contains 57 chapters (most of them short, some just one page) and 9 appendices.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Erin Pizzey (2012 edition)

Sample chapters:

Are you a misogynist if you only hate feminists?

Why men have nipples, and my sex change story

Are feminists less intelligent than normal women?

Why are fat women fat?

Are feminists less attractive then normal women?

Do feminists suffer from PPS (Permanent Premenstrual Syndrome)?

Women have a right to complain, but do feminists abuse the privilege?

Are some feminists (e.g. Tracey Emin) a pain in the arts?

Does Harriet Harman MP suffer from Mad Cow Disease?

First half of the Quotations section


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