ManWomanMyth – an update

I don’t think any individual did more to educate me about gender matters and feminism, through his work, than the British vlogger ManWomanMyth, his real name Rowland Adelagun. Many others MRAs and anti-feminists, I know, feel similarly appreciative of his immense body of high-quality output over many years – not just in the UK, but globally. He was making stunning videos at a time when that took a lot more time and effort than it takes today, given developments in video editing software. He was a legend in the Men’s Rights Movement before his sudden disappearance in 2015, at which time his YouTube channels disappeared too.

Fortunately a number of people had downloaded the mp4 files from YouTube – including William Collins – which explains how we now have 128 of Rowland’s videos in a dedicated playlist on our YouTube channel. 126 of them are from his “ManWomanMyth” channel, the most recent two from his later “Humanity Bites” channel, in which he started appearing on the videos, rather than being only the voice in the audio tracks. The final one was On White Sprinters & Female CEOs (22:51), for which he drove from London to my home in Bedford to interview me (he interviewed others, too).

His disappearance was a complete mystery. Even Angry Harry, who Rowland had interviewed many times, didn’t know what had happened to him. A few months before Rowland disappeared in 2015, I visited him at his home in North London. He was about to leave his family – the marriage had long been on the rocks – and he was understandably depressed at the thought he might never see his beloved children again.

Like many, I had reluctantly come to the conclusion that Rowland had died. No other potential explanations seemed to make sense. And then, one day in January 2019, I received an email from him, in which he wrote something along the lines of, “Do we know each other?” I recall my shock as vividly as if it happened yesterday.

It soon emerged he’d had a fall from a considerable height in 2015, which left him in a wheelchair for over three years. He can still only walk with the greatest difficulty, and has to lean on a helper, but more importantly he suffered a major brain injury which wiped out his memory of anything before the fall, and his short term memory remains poor to this day.

He showed some interest in setting up a YouTube channel, which I discouraged, fearing he might be the target of hostile comments from feminists. But he recently went ahead anyway, and the existence of the channel has become increasingly well-known across the MRM, to the point that I felt I should now reveal what I know about his story. Since January 2019 we’ve had lunch monthly at a pub near his sheltered accommodation – until the recent Covid-19 restrictions – and we’ve had weekly video chats on WhatsApp.

His new channel is here. Two days ago Peter Wright of AVfM – who knows Rowland’s story – published one of Rowland’s short videos, Are women more important than men? (7:13). Within 24 hours the number of subscribers to Rowland’s channel had risen from 90+ to 190+.

I am pleased – and relieved – to report that Rowland has not been the target of hostile comments, and I hope that continues indefinitely. He is much enjoying the exchanges he’s having with supporters in the comments streams. I would urge you to go to his website and post some comments. I know it will mean a lot to him. He derives a lot of comfort from knowing that his work was so influential to so many in the MRM, over so many years. Thank you.

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