Paul Carrington RIP

It occurred to me this evening to call Paul Carrington, a friend, to see how he’s coping with the current Covid-19 situation. Paul has for many years suffered from emphysema, a progressive lung disease, brought on by an enzyme deficiency for which there is no cure. To my surprise, a woman answered his phone. It was his daughter, who informed me that Paul died this morning, following a lung infection.

Paul was a very well-known character in my home town of Bedford. He was a “larger than life” popular entertainer in the local pubs. He always reminded me of Al Murray’s comic creation, “The Pub Landlord”. I interviewed him, along with seven other Bedford-based guitarists, for Guitar Gods in Beds (Bedfordshire: A Heavenly County) (2014). The men related their life stories, Paul’s chapter is here.

When I had money – until 10 years ago – Paul was my chauffeur and companion during two month-long holidays in France, which I related in Two Men in a Car (A Businessman, a Chauffeur, and Their Holidays in France) (2008). Both books are out of print, but used copies are occasionally available to buy on Amazon and elsewhere, and they’re available as e-books.

A solidly and proudly working-class man, a socialist who never shared my concerns for men and boys as a class, he was very frustrating to debate with. Yet I’ve rarely admired anyone more. I’ll be among many who will miss this remarkable man.

I am deriving some solace from two things. Paul won’t have to endure what he most feared, an old age dominated by physical incapacitation. He was a very fit man in his younger days, a martial arts expert, details in his chapter. And he was a passionate advocate for Brexit. When I last met him, for lunch three months ago, he was bubbling over with delight that the UK was finally going to exit the EU.

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