Mexican churches attacked during Women’s Day marches

Our thanks to Geoff for this. It is regrettable (bit not surprising) to see a cleric believing the lie of “gender violence”. An extract:

On March 8, Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes of Mexico City said that machismo or chauvinism is the source of the country’s growing violence against women.

“In Mexico there’s a machismo that has caused numerous femicides,” Aguiar said, using a term that has become common in the region to describe the violent murder of women by their male partners or ex-partners. “This is intolerable, and therefore, we not only want to show solidarity and accompany women who suffer violence, buy we also celebrate any initiative or public policy that helps to eradicate the harmful culture that invades us.”

The cardinal’s reflection was published in the weekly archdiocesan magazine, Desde la Fe.

He also wrote that humanity has an “incalculable and indefeasible” debt to women, and that putting an end to gender violence is not only an act of justice but a necessity because “the gift of femininity is increasingly urgent in the construction of the processes of humanization that are required in all areas of society.” [J4MB emphasis]

Aguiar is far from being the only bishop who voiced his strong support to women, and some even suggested that religious sisters join Monday’s national women’s strike, with the caveat that the Catholic Church as an institution cannot support some of the “rights” demanded by feminist organizations that go beyond ending violence against women, namely demands for legal and publicly provided abortion.

The Catholic church in Mexico most impacted by the feminist rallies was the cathedral of Hermosillo, in the state of Sonora. Some 80 faithful who were inside the church when demonstrators began attacking the building had to be evacuated by the national guard, leaving through side door and in small groups to avoid being attacked. Rioters broke the glass panes on the cathedral’s doors after a failed attempt to bring them down.


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