Nearly EVERYONE is sexist in some way: United Nations finds that nine in ten people have a bias against women

Our thanks to Mike P for this. The Daily Mail has copied and pasted a UN feminist propaganda piece, distributed by Reuters, without comment. The feminist corruption of the United Nations appears complete. From the article:

‘Today the fight about gender equality is a story of bias and prejudices,’ Pedro Conceicao, head of United Nations Development Programme’s (UNPD) Human Development Report Office, said in a statement ahead of International Women’s Day on Sunday.

Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator, said tackling such biases was the next goal for equality advocates.

‘The work that has been so effective in ensuring an end to gaps in health or education must now evolve to address something far more challenging: a deeply ingrained bias – among both men and women – against genuine equality,’ he said in a statement.

The report was released ahead of Monday’s meeting of the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women, which has been shortened to one day due to the spread of coronavirus.

Deeply-held biases could be addressed through education, raised awareness and incentives such as tax structures that encourage equally shared childcare or by encouraging women to enter male-dominated job sectors, the UNDP said.

The new report has brought to light the ‘power gaps’ that still exist between genders in economies, political systems and corporations, ‘despite real progress closing gender inequalities in basic areas of development like education and health; and the removal of legal barriers to political and economic participation,’ writes the United Nations.

When I was at the conference in Delhi recently, I learned that wives can have their husbands charged with domestic violence, but not vice versa. I don’t expect the United Nations to protest about this any time soon. In the UK, in heterosexual couples where the violence is uni-directional, the perpetrator is twice as likely to be the woman as the man.

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