Support the Fawcett Society: Buy a Viva La Vulva necklace, a steal at just £45.00 (exc. p&p)

The Fawcett Society is asking people to celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March, next Sunday) by buying a “Viva La Vulva” necklace. From the seller’s website:

Erase the stigma around the body and gynaecological anatomy [J4MB: What stigma?] with the Viva La Vulva Necklace. Inspired by Camden’s own Vagina Museum, the world’s first bricks and mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas, and the gynaecological anatomy. A key piece in our Fawcett Society collection, each laser-cut piece of pink glitter, pearlescent and gloss acrylic is hand layered by our team of expert makers *just so* to emulate a vulva and suspended from an adjustable gold-tone chain. The finishing touch? What else but a Swarovski crystal clitoris! Support the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights, with £3 per piece sold donated to the Fawcett Society.

More overpriced tat, also with donations going to the Force It Society, here.

To celebrate International Men’s Day, 19 November, we’re going to have a “Viva Le Penis” necklace made. The finishing touch? What else but Swarovski crystal testicles! Provisional price £995.00 (exc p&p), £950.00 per piece sold donated to J4MB.

Our last general election manifesto is here.

Our YouTube channel is here, our Facebook channel here, our Twitter channel here.

If everyone who read this gave us £5.00 – or even better, £5.00 or more, monthly – we could change the world. £5.00 monthly would entitle you to Bronze party membership, details here. Benefits include a dedicated and signed book by Mike Buchanan. Click below to make a difference. Thanks.

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