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The recent national conference in Delhi, India, was a huge success. It was hosted by Anil Kumar, the driving force behind Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF) since 2007. The energy and commitment of the speakers and attendees were inspirational, and I learned a good deal about the SIFF operating model. Anil plans to host an ICMI in India in February 2021. My thanks to Anil and his colleagues for their warm hospitality during the event and later.

Along with others, I took a number of photographs at the conference, and during a later trip to Agra, where we visited the Taj Mahal, the construction of which was completed in 1653.

Anil Kumar address the conference

Another view of Anil

Paul Elam addresses the conference, by video

Satish Babu, an activist

Anil Kumar (not wearing a cap, the only known such photograph in existence), Mike Buchanan, R.P. Shah (SIFF, Hyderabad), Jai Dutt Sharma (SIFF Head of Logistics)

Jai Dutt Sharma, Mike Buchanan, Anil Kumar, R.P. Shah

Mike Buchanan and Anil Kumar on the “Diana Seat”, on which Princess Diana was photographed alone, in 1992. The day before this picture was taken, Donald and Melania Trump had visited Agra and sat on the same seat. The visit resulted in the closure of much of the city for some hours, Anil and I were stuck in Agra train station for seven hours.

One of Anil’s selfies.

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