New Stalking Protection Orders will destroy more relationships and families

From a government website, the start:

1 Applications for orders

(1) A chief officer of police may apply to a magistrates’ court for an order (a “stalking protection order”) in respect of a person (the “defendant”) if it appears to the chief officer that—

(a) the defendant has carried out acts associated with stalking,

(b) the defendant poses a risk associated with stalking to another person, and

(c) there is reasonable cause to believe the proposed order is necessary to protect another person from such a risk (whether or not the other person was the victim of the acts mentioned in paragraph (a)). [J4MB emphasis]

(2) A stalking protection order is an order which, for the purpose of preventing the defendant from carrying out acts associated with stalking—

(a) prohibits the defendant from doing anything described in the order, or

(b) requires the defendant to do anything described in the order.

(3) A chief officer of police for a police area in England and Wales may apply for a stalking protection order only in respect of a person—

(a) who resides in the chief officer’s police area, or

(b) who the chief officer believes is in that area or is intending to come to it.

(4) A risk associated with stalking—

(a) may be in respect of physical or psychological harm to the other person;

(b) may arise from acts which the defendant knows or ought to know are unwelcome [J4MB emphasis: could the bar to disadvantage men be any lower?] to the other person even if, in other circumstances, the acts would appear harmless in themselves. [J4MB emphasis. A woman needs only to decide what is “unwelcome” and a man’s life may be ruined.]

(5) It does not matter—

(a) whether the acts mentioned in subsection (1)(a) were carried out in a part of the United Kingdom or elsewhere, or

(b) whether they were carried out before or after the commencement of this section.

(6) See section 2A of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 for examples of acts associated with stalking.

A piece in yesterday’s Observer. An extract:

The stalking protection orders, unveiled today, aim to block [J4MB: alleged] perpetrators from approaching their [J4MB: alleged] victims and allow courts in England and Wales to move quicker to ban [J4MB: alleged] stalkers from contacting or visiting [J4MB: alleged] victims.

It’s all too predictable how this will play out. Women – often on the advice of the police or “women’s organizations” – will seek the new orders against their partners,. They need not even make false allegations to obtain them, they could simply state any contact from their partner (direct or indirect) is “unwelcome”. Their partners will then be in the position that they cannot even attempt reconciliation, and over time the permanent destruction of the relationship (and possibly family) will become a near certainty, and feminism will have had another victory . Another extract from the article:

The new stalking protection orders will come into effect immediately. In addition to banning [J4MB: alleged] perpetrators from approaching or contacting their [J4MB: alleged] victims, the orders can also force [J4MB: alleged] stalkers to seek professional help. [J4MB: An exercise in utter futility if they’re not actually stalkers.]

The orders will normally last for a minimum of two years, with a breach counting as a criminal offence that can result in up to five years in prison.

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