Speakers’ Corner, London – where Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) and other anti-feminists meet.

I greatly enjoy visiting Speakers’ Corner every second Sunday to campaign on men’s issues, challenge feminism etc. It’s always good to meet up with supporters and the stalwart members of the London Group.

However, I’ve been given medical advice to self-isolate in response to the coronavirus threat, because I have a couple of pre-existing medical conditions which could make catching it particularly risky. So my visit to Speakers’ Corner three days ago was my last for the foreseeable future, I’m sorry to say. I thought I’d post enough footage from the day’s events to give a sense of our campaigning there, and the challeges we face. I’ve edited the footage myself, not something I normally do, so expect one or two glitches! The video is here (37:50).

We’ve recently been adopting a new approach on our anti-MGM campaigning, seeking to persuade parents not to circumcise their sons. One of the new placard designs is here.

When we return to Speakers’ Corner, I urge you to join us there and support the MRAs and other anti-feminists who regularly campaign there, speak publicly etc. We always have a great time, spreading the word on men’s issues, feminism, Male Genital Mutilation (MGM)…

We campaign for men and women to have equal rights, because women and girls have rights denied to men and boys in many areas. 20 such areas were explored in  our 2015 general election manifesto. One of our “equal rights” placard designs is here.

We campaign against MGM, a crime under the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861, being at least ABH, and almost certainly GBH. The party’s playlist of 100+ video and audio pieces relating to MGM is here. It includes footage taken at Speakers’ Corner.

If you’d like to know if we’re planning to attend Speakers’ Corner on a particular Sunday, please contact us (info@j4mb.org.uk).

Our last general election manifesto is here.

Our YouTube channel is here, our Facebook channel here, our Twitter channel here.

If everyone who read this gave us £5.00 – or even better, £5.00 or more, monthly – we could change the world. £5.00 monthly would entitle you to Bronze party membership, details here. Benefits include a dedicated and signed book by Mike Buchanan. Click below to make a difference. Thanks.

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