General election 2019: Stephen Kinnock calls for next Labour party leader to be a woman

Our thanks to Len for this. He writes:

You must be praying for Jess Phillips to become the party leader.

We are. What could be better for J4MB and the wider dissemination of our messages, than a Labour party leader who’s a narcissistic, gobby feminist, full of loathing for half the electorate? The Labour party has plenty of them. Due to the party’s all-women shortlists – Phillips was selected from one, needless to say – more than half the party’s current MPs are women. TCW today published a piece by Laura Perrins, The rise of wimmin and the fall of Labour.

Maybe Labiour should look at the recent electoral fortunes of the Women’s Equality Party for a vision of their own party’s future. “PutinCooksSocks” commented:

A particular high point for me was the Women’s Equality Party’s success in the General Election.
After launching with much fanfare a few years back, in this election they managed to achieve an impressive total of 416 votes. That is nearly 5% of the total obtained by the Monster Raving Loony Party.
According to the electoral commission, the WEP received £138,000 in cash and non-cash donations during 2019. I’m sure the WEP’s donors are delighted with this return on their investment – hearty congratulations all round, ladies!

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