Karen Woodall: Paradigm Shift – uncoupling Parental Alienation from ideology

An excellent piece. After the main article, Karen has added this:

A note to readers on my writing about feminism

My writing about feminism has attracted a lot of attention over the last decade and has resulted in a stalking and harassment campaign by someone who has created a conspiracy theory about my work with the UK government in 2010 -12.

This stalking campaign has involved members of my family and places where I have worked over the years and has resulted in a fantasy spun by someone who is clearly very unwell. This person identifies as feminist and appears to have become obsessed by me because of my work to uncover the truth about what feminist social policy has done to families over the decades. Just like Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first refuge for domestic violence victims and a good friend of mine who was stalked and attacked by feminists for decades, I too am targeted for my views and experiences in this field.

The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating this incidence of stalking which also involves Members of the UK Parliament and we will pursue both criminal and civil measures to stop it.

I am however, very aware that each time I write about feminism I am increasing my risk of further attack and strengthening the delusional belief of this one particular stalker.

I make no apologies however for what I write because unless it is written and understood, the underlying institutionalised silencing of families affected by parental alienation will continue.


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