TWO people have “won” the 2019 Booker prize for fiction. Both are women. What are the chances?

Our thanks to Ken for this. The chair of the judging panel for the 2019 Booker prize for fiction is Peter Florence, a Person of Penis, while the four judges – Liz Calder, Xiaolu Guo, Afua Hirsch and Joanna MacGregor – are Persons of Vagina. What a surprise it was this evening when it was announced that – in direct contravention of the Booker prize rules – there was not just one winner of the prize, but two winners, both of them Persons of Vagina, Margaret Attwood and Bernardine Evaristo.

In competitions where ability can be judged objectively, it’s very rare that women compete successfully. This is the Gender Success Paradox (not a paradox to MRAs and other anti-feminists, obviously). Women compete successfully with men only in competitions where ability can be judged subjectively, and then only because feminists have corrupted the judging process (as they ALWAYS do, given the opportunity, usually by manginas). It’s impossible to take seriously any female “winners” of such competitions, while – on the same grounds – male winners MUST be taken seriously, given the odds are so stacked against them.

Maybe after a few years of making two or more women “winners” of prizes – hell, why not have 100 female “winners” in every competition? – there will be historical “gender equality” of male and female competition “winners”, which will delight feminists, while making women ever more of a laughing stock to normal people (a group which, by definition, excludes feminists).

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