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Hi Everyone,

Those of you who missed my recent delightful news.  I won an Ernie sexism award – for “remarks least helpful to the Sisterhood.”

Have a look at what won me the award: “Feminism…It’s all about rules and regulations to advantage women at the expense of men. Constant male bashing. False accusations of violence being used to destroy men’s lives. Women denying men access to their children. There are endless rules in our society now which are about demonising men.”

The words are taken from the promotion material for my #MenTour. I find that fascinating. They are on the money in assuming that telling the truth about feminism isn’t exactly helpful to the Sisterhood since their ideology depends on spreading mistruths and misinformation about issues like domestic violence and the wage gap.

I was delighted that this silly award will serve the purpose of alerting a few more people to what I am doing. I sent a big thank you to Meredith Bergmann, who promotes the whole circus.

Last week’s stuff-up

Sadly, this one-woman-army screwed up big time last time I wrote to you. I was so overloaded that I didn’t check the info I sent you all about the Queensland speaking tour.

First it turned out that the links I sent through didn’t include the proper booking information for my events and then I discovered we can’t include Bundaberg because you can’t fly from Bundaberg directly to Townsville. So, we are now substituting Mackay for Bundaberg – and that caused another hiccup because we’ve spent all week trying to sort out the venue.

It’s really important that we start getting people buying tickets for the events because unless we reach a certain number by the end of the month, the events will be cancelled.

So,  I’ve decided to write to you now urging you all to tell people you know in these Queensland towns about my talks, so we get sufficient bums on seats to make this happen. The tour is designed to alert ordinary Australians to what’s happening to men in this country, using local media to spread the word. But it won’t look good if we can’t get the numbers.

Here’s the critical link you need to see details of the tour:

On the page you will see links to the three talks. Sunshine Coast on Oct 7, Mackay on Oct 9 and Townsville on Oct 11.  (Note the events are stated as ‘unconfirmed’ because we need to sell a certain number of tickets to lock them in.)

We’ll be adding details of the Mackay venue in the next day or so but you can start circulating details to your Mackay friends now. And buying tickets for the other events.

If you have local connections in any of these places, please contact me so I can get them on board with helping promote the event.

And please will you all circulate these Facebook and YouTube links, which promote the tour:

Facebook video:


Jordan Peterson’s thinkspot

The major reason I have been even more frantic than usual is Jordan Peterson’s thinkspot is launching in a couple of weeks. I’m thrilled to be amongst his first group of contributors, one of only two Australians. I’ll be showing you what it is all about very soon.

So, we are stretched to the limit, gearing up for the big event. We really could do with more help from people, ideally in Sydney, skilled in video production. I have a group of wonderful people working with me, particularly my producer Scott Korman, who devotes most of his life to helping me. Gavan O’Sullivan, from Insight Films in Perth has spent all week putting together a wonderful welcome video for my thinkspot page – which you’ll be seeing soon.

Unfortunately, prospective new members of the team need to contribute their services as labour of love, although sometimes we can offer some funds using money donated to me. (All donations most welcome!) But perhaps you know skilled young people who’d like to come on board to help me manage the technical side of this exciting new project. Great for the resume!  Please contact me asap if you have any suggestions.

Cheers, Tina

Our YouTube channel is here.

If everyone who read this gave us £5.00 – or even better, £5.00 or more, monthly – we could change the world. £5.00 monthly would entitle you to Bronze party membership, details here. Benefits include a dedicated and signed book by Mike Buchanan. Click below to make a difference. Thanks.

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