Women’s Rugby World Cup to be renamed in ‘ultimate statement of equality’

Our thanks to the estimable Douglas for this. He writes:

Brett Gosper, World Rugby’s chief executive, has announced that from now on women’s Rugby is to be called simply Rugby, just like men’s Rugby is. This is, apparently, a “landmark moment and a statement that we are treating the men’s and women’s games evenly”. Yes, it’s all about making everything equal on the Rugby pitch. Or is it?

Well, no, not really. To really make things equal in any sport – as is done with equestrian sports, for example – is for men and women to compete on an equal basis, on the same competition. That would be true sporting equality. However, it has to be clear that not many women would get to play, just as the Tour de France is open to women cyclists but none ever compete: women have their own version (men are banned) to give them a chance of winning something. [J4MB: The women’s “version” is, of course, far shorter and less onerous.]

Meanwhile, France already calls men’s Rugby ‘XV de France Masculin’, while its women’s Rugby is best known as ‘Les Bleues’ but that’s OK: that’s “reverse sexism”, not sexism, see? It’s OK to call it men’s Rugby, so long as you don’t call it women’s Rugby any more.

The comments stream is well worth catching, more so than the article. “Tom HJ” writes:

Just a step on the road to allowing those who self-identify as women to compete professionally and then *abracadabra* women disappear from international rugby.

The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again.

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