Metro: Men’s rights activists have made an anti-bagspreading chair (J4MB: they haven’t) but it looks more like a sex device

Our thanks to Douglas for this. Douglas writes:

My comment (on Dissenter at least: Metro doesn’t seem to take comments on this article):

The headline would appear to be a lie. It was not men’s rights activists who made this anti-bagspreading chair. I suspect Baker and her editor know this, since they avoid saying who it was that actually made it.

That is has some extremely vague similarity to a sex device (so do a lot of things, from carrots to bedposts) hardly makes the concept a ‘fail’ as claimed. Impractical, perhaps, and probably as uncomfortably unwelcome as a chair designed to crush a man’s parts.

It belittles The Metro to enter into the feminist war on men in this nasty fashion. If there really is a problem with people not having wide enough seats to sit comfortably, the solution is not to belittle men, nor to denigrate those men and women who try to get men the same human rights enjoyed by women.

If the metro cares for all passengers, surely it should be arguing for comfortable seats and insisting that people move bags onto the floor or onto overhead racks so that everyone can sit down.

UK Men’s Rights Action, our official supporters’ Facebook page, is here.

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