Police demands for access to rape victims’ phones ‘unlawful’

Appalling. The information on alleged rape victims’ phone is frequently the only thing that keeps innocent men from serving lengthy prison sentences (Liam Allan being a notable example). Extracts from the Guardian piece:

Police and Crown Prosecution Service requests to download the contents of victims’ mobile phones amount to a “digital strip search” and are unlawful, according to a coalition of 10 civil liberties organisations.

Launching a campaign challenging controversial “digital processing notices” introduced for police in England and Wales earlier this year, the alliance alleges that they are are “highly likely to infringe victims’ data protection and privacy rights” and cause delays to investigations.

The 10 campaign groups are Big Brother Watch, Amnesty International, the Centre for Women’s Justice, End Violence Against Women, the Fawcett Society, Justice, Liberty, Privacy International, Southall Black Sisters and the Survivors Trust…

But victims’ groups and some MPs fear that the policy is deterring rape victims from going to the police. [J4MB: The usual excuse for trampling on men’s human rights.] The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched an investigation into the issue…

Harriet Wistrich, [J4MB: The evil barrister is Julie Bindel’s partner] the director of the Centre for Women’s Justice, said: “Many women are fearful of reporting rape for a variety of reasons, including the fear they will be disbelieved or judged. The requirement to hand over the whole of their data history is an additional disincentive to a massively underprosecuted crime.

“We are preparing a legal action on the basis these consent forms are unlawful as they discriminate against women – who are the vast majority of rape victims – as well as a violation of the right to privacy, and of data protection principles.”

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