Matt Hancock (C, West Suffolk), winner of a Toady award in 2012, wears socks printed with “This is what a feminist looks like”

In 2012, the year before the launch of J4MB, I spent a good deal of time on my blog The Anti-Feminism League, but since the launch of this blog in 2013, I haven’t spent time on it. In March 2012 I posted a piece titled We need to talk about The Rt Hon Matthew Hancock MP. It was prompted by a supporter emailing me this:

There’s an article by Matthew Hancock MP today in the Times which will make your blood boil…page 37…..the man should get a ‘Creep of the Year’ award let alone a ‘Toady’. He cites percentages of this and that which purport to show that adding women to boards improves corporate performance. His view is that there is “overwhelming evidence” to show that more women on boards grows businesses, which is startling and infantile at the very least (as well as being utterly wrong, as we know from the Norwegian experience). Then he adds in the usual sneering manner that anyone who doesn’t share his bigoted views is a Luddite….what a slime ball.

I duly presented Hancock with a Toady award. Do check it out, the image of the toad is something special.

Around the middle of last month a story about Hancock’s socks came to my attention, but it’s taken me time to get round to posting on it. A Daily Mail piece on Hancock’s socks is here.

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