Bettina Arndt update: Dumped from the Writer’s Festival

An email received yesterday:

Hi Everybody,

We are fast reaching the point where men won’t dare work with children. The vigilantism and community hysteria surrounding sexual abuse accusations combined with our anti-male culture means all men are vulnerable to false accusations which can end their careers.

Over the decades I’ve been writing about these issues I have talked to so many men in this situation. In this week’s video I interview a respected music teacher and school band conductor who is currently banned from teaching in NSW schools. He was subject to false accusations by a number of students which were properly investigated by police and the Department of Community Services and found to have no substance. It’s over a year since the accusations first surfaced and were then investigated yet the Education Department’s secretive investigation unit refuses to remove him from the list banning him from teaching in schools. His career is ruined, his reputation trashed by malicious social media campaigns labelling him as a pederast.

Please watch my video and help me circulate it. People need to know what’s happening to some of our most experienced and trusted male teachers.

Dumped from the Writer’s Festival

Writer’s festivals have long been a joke in this country – well known as lovefests of ideologues preaching feminist and leftist claptrap to their rapt devotees. Even Germaine Greer found herself banned from a writer’s festival last year for daring to challenge the party line on rape.

Imagine my surprise when I received an invitation recently to appear at this year’s Canberra Writer’s Festival, to speak about my new book #MenToo. I happily agreed to take part in two panels, one on “Women, Men and the Whole Damn Thing” – supposedly on the consequences of #MeToo – and the other on women over 50.

Yesterday, Michaela Bolzan, the Artistic Director of the CWF wrote excitedly informing me of the “super” panel they’d put together for the first women/men panel:

  • There’s self-described “card-carrying feminist”, our former Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs.
  • Domestic violence campaigner and journalist Jane Gilmore, known for her anti-male bile.
  • LGBTIQ activist, advocate for Safe Schools, and former GetUp campaign director, Sally Rugg, currently embroiled in a campaign to take down rugby player Israel Folau for posting his religious views on social media.
  • And writer David Leser whose virtue-signalling article (and forthcoming book) produced the title for this panel. “Why is it that men have killed, enslaved, scarred, diminished and silenced women of every age, race and class, on every continent, for so long?” Leser ponders. I advise you to read the rest and marvel at the stupidity and misandry of this man.

So that was the “super” panel now proposed to talk about women and men in the age of #MeToo. There was no longer any pretence of including balance in this proposed orgy of male-bashing – I was dropped from the panel and asked to moderate the session.

Ditto the panel on women over 50, where I was asked to moderate a panel which included – wait for it – the dreaded Jane Caro, now notorious for her foul-mouthed election night tweet accusing “truculent turds” of sending Australia backwards by voting conservative. Her anti-male tirades are equally well known.

Unsurprisingly, I have pulled out of the event, pointing out I have no interest in being a punching bag for this line up of loonies and their followers. But it says a great deal about the huge waste of government funding supporting this divisive rubbish. The Canberra Writers Festival is supported by the ACT Government, ACT Libraries and ABC Radio Canberra plus there’s an annual grant from ACT Labor of $125,000. How about some of you lobbying these organisations to provide more balanced discussion at these events?

Now an even bigger target?

Signs of desperation from journalist Jacqueline Maley in her extremely nasty, personal attack on me last week in the Sydney Morning Herald. The feminists are clearly worried that I am winning a few rounds. Maley quoted from the French review of free speech: “The question may be asked whether a higher-education provider should be obliged to host any intellectual rubbish that wants to cross its threshold.”

And then added the following:

“The answer is probably yes, as long as the content of the speech is not unlawful. For my money, Arndt’s views fall into that category. They are laughable, as Bolt demonstrated, but also dangerous because they promote misogynistic and incorrect claims about women.

“But probably the best antidote to Bettina Arndt’s ideas being promulgated is Bettina Arndt. The more she speaks the more it becomes clear she is floating, weightless, in some sort of fact-free space-void, hoping for a Mark Latham or a Milo Yiannopolis to come and lend her some true notoriety of the kind that might help her sell a few books.Perhaps Arndt could join with union boss John Setka for a speaking tour – the ultimate intellectual odd-couple, they seem to share some views on men’s rights. Call it “Betts and Sets” and watch the tickets sell themselves.”

The ultimate irony is Maley ends her article calling for more civil debate in our society.

A few days earlier, the SMH posted two podcasts featuring Maley speaking on the free speech debate which followed my Sydney University protest. Listen to Michael Spence in the second podcast telling porkies about what happened. Last week it was announced the man earns over $1.5 million annually – raising even more questions about his competence for the job.

Pulling out of GoFundMe after the Folau debacle.

I’ve been using GoFundMe for a number of recent campaigns, including my campus tour fundraiser.

Now I’ve decided to stop using this platform after their cowardly decision to pull the Israel Folau fundraiser. Naturally I don’t agree with Folau’s religious views but I strongly object to organisations such as GoFundMe imposing their ideological views on their customers. We face this every week with YouTube hiding my videos. It’s a worrying trend that so many powerful institutions are kowtowing to noisy minority groups that do not represent the wider community. The Qantas bullying of Rugby Australia in the Folau affair is a case in point.

We’ll let you know when we have set up the new fund-raiser – which will be on my website, when the current revamping of the site is finished. My website has been down for over a month now – due to negligence and deceitful practices of the former company. It’s a complex website and it’s proving quite a struggle getting it up and running again. If you have the expertise and time to help, please contact me.

Cheers, Tina

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