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Hi Everybody,

As promised I have finally produced a new video where you will see me complete with my arm in a sling, in recovery mode following my cycling accident. A real battered woman!

The video was filmed in the NSW Parliament House where I interviewed Mark Latham following his recent election as a member of the Legislative Council. Mark is one of the few parliamentarians in Australia willing to speak out about feminist lies and the demonisation of men. He deliberately made the decision to shift from Federal to State politics because he is very concerned about what is happening in schools and other areas where identity politics is influencing government and social policy. He is very keen to ask tough questions and put important issues on the parliamentary agenda and I think will be wonderful to have him out there exposing what is happening to men in Australia.

We talked particularly about domestic violence where he has done a brilliant job challenging the misinformation being promoted by the huge anti-male propaganda machine working in this area. But Mark is also very concerned about many of the other issues I write and talk about, including AVOs and false accusations of violence, bias against men in family law decisions, gender quotas, and the other rubbish dominating the gender warriors’ campaigns.

He is keen to have evidence of the corruption that is occurring in our biased legal and social systems so please contact him if you have proper information he might be able to use in his efforts to fight the good fight.

So here’s the video – Please help me promote it and it would be great to have some more contributions to my YouTube fund now that I’m back on deck making videos again.

Fed up with feminism tour

Plans for my speaking tour are coming together well. It looks like I’ll be starting off in Queensland, possibly in the Maryborough territory but I could drop into a few other places if you’d like to host an event somewhere else up north. As I said in my last email, the idea is to reach out to ordinary Australians, the men and women who have had enough of divisive gender politics, and promote proper discussion of fair treatment for us all.

My plan is to use FanForce which is an organisation which usually enables people to screen movies in local areas but this time will be helping with my speaking tour. I used FanForce to organise screenings of Cassie Jaye’s movie “The Red Pill” two years ago, after feminists tried to ban it. If you would like to host an event for me FanForce will help you find a local venue and teach you how to make it all happen.

Please contact me if you feel you like to be involved. I’ll provide more details soon.


I’m having problems with my website at the moment but we are working on getting that sorted in the next few days. In the meantime you can write to me through my Facebook page, YouTube,  or LinkedIn.

Until next time, Tina

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