Joan Whitrick, 58, stole over £20,000 from her employer. Suspended sentence, £10 fine.

Outrageous. The start of the piece:

A Keighley woman who creamed off more than £20,000 from her employer has been ordered to pay back just £10 of her ill-gotten gains.

Joan Whitrick, who cooked the books at Just Desserts bakery in Station Road, Shipley, had been told by Judge Colin Burn when she was sentenced in January that the cash would have to be paid back “even if it takes you the rest of your days to do it”.

But yesterday the 58-year-old was ordered to repay just £10 after she assured the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, that she was not “sitting on a fortune or living in a mansion” and that she could afford “£10 and that’s it”.

Whitrick, of Cherry Tree Rise, had been sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, with 300 hours of unpaid work.

Yesterday, she was back in court for a Proceeds of Crime Application hearing in which the benefit from her criminality was assessed at £21,498.

But the grandmother, who was not legally represented, said she had no available assets with which to meet that bill.

Later in the article:

Prosecutor Andrew Horton said Whitrick joined the company, that was formed in 1985, in May, 2011.

She failed to tell her employer that she was a convicted benefit cheat who was given a suspended sentence of imprisonment  [J4MB emphasis] in 2008 for stealing £3,000 while working as a book-keeper at Richmond Upholstery in Keighley. [J4MB: Right. So a suspended sentence which failed to do its job in 2008 is deemed appropriate again in 2019. That makes sense. In Whackadoodle Land, anyway.]

So, what was her financial gain from her latest crime spree? If the theft had been undetected, £21,498. Following her conviction, £21,488. It’s a wonder even more women aren’t criminals. I suspect the police often don’t approach the CPS for charging decisions because of the utter pointlessness of prosecuting female criminals.

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